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Ringvorlesung Radiophonie: Der Vortrag am 13.12. fällt aus


Leider muss der der Vortrag von Katja Rothe am 13.12. kurzfristig abgesagt werden. Unfortunately the lecture by Katja Rothe planned for December 13th had to be cancelled on short notice.

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Out now: Radiophonics, Vol. 1: Radiophonic Cultures


The first volume of the three-volume publication Radiophonics by the Radiophonic Cultures - Vol. 1: Radiophonic Cultures project is now published. This volume, edited bei Ute Holl, presents the current state of the discussion revolving around radiophonics, including its history and possible future, in light of the questions raised during the Radiophonic Cultures conference.

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Ringvorlesung: Radiophonie. Übertragungen zwischen Wellen und Rauschen


The lecture series "Radiophonics - Transmissions Between Waves and Noise" accompanies the exhibition "Radiophonic Spaces" at the Museum Tinguely in Basel in the fall semester of 2018. Supplementing the exhibition the lecture series will negotiate the relations between sound and radio waves and between the technical, asthetic and political dimensions of radiophonics.

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Radiophonic Cultures Conference


The interdisciplinary conference “Radiophonic Cultures”, which takes place from May 7th till 9th 2018 at the Museum Tinguely in Basel, investigates the history of radio and its sounds as a history of the tensions and interactions among its technical, aesthetic, and political dimensions and thus plumbs the depths of future radio’s potentials.

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