Workshop 02: Archives and Auditive Knowledge Formations. Radioarchives in transition towards digital organization

In regard to radiophonic cultures the questions concerning the archive are crucial: For the historical research the actual institutional and material radio archives are not simply a source for material, the radiophonic archive has to be reflected as a condition of possibility of a 'sonic past' and as a radiophonic arrangement of its own right that is configuring the politics, aesthetics and epistemology of radiophony. Taking up on this concept of the radiophonic archive in particular the Weimar archive project and the data mining project at the Elektronisches Studio Basel are exploring options of a reorganization of radiophonics under the conditions of its digitization and database structures. Accordingly, the second Radiophonic Cultures workshop focuses on these two interrelated aspects of radiophonic archives as dynamic processes in the past and the future.


Program: Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nathalie Singer: Introduction Andreas Feddersen: Digital Listenership (Project Presentation)

Nathalie Singer: Current Archive Work as a Contemporary Artistic Practice

Andreas Feddersen: The Archive Circulates. Introduction to Current Archive Researc

Jan P. Müller: Remarks on Radiophonic Archives and Databases

Carolyn Birdsall (Media Studies, University of Amsterdam): Radio History as Media Archival History

A. Drechsler (Assistant Experimental Radio, Bauhaus Universität) Radio Art Post Production at Experimental Radio Studio

Alessandro Bosetti: “The Notebooks” Live Performance, & Acousmatic Concert by students of SEAM,

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Udo Noll (radio aporee): Archival Work as Artistic Practice: Radio Aporee

Andy O'Dwyer (BBC): Preservation & Access Practices for Audio Visual Archives

Nathalie Singer: Presentation of Mind Map of Radio Art (Prof. Nathalie Singer, Experimental Radio)

Simone Conforti: Musical data retrieving: a presentation of the state of the art; current researches and perspectives developed at ESB Basel

Radio Talk with Elisabeth Zimmermann (Ö1 Art Radio/ ORF): From networked radio art projects to documentation